VocaTikva Ensemble

An a-capella group with a social twist from the Tikva Neighborhood in TLV

The VocaTikva is an a-capella group, which was founded and operates In Tel Aviv’s Southern neighborhood, the Tikva. The group was originally founded in order to advance young and talented musicians that live in the neighborhood of south Tel Aviv.

How did it all start?

Ben Yefet, a native from the Tikva neighborhood saw the musical talents in the neighborhood and decided to open an a-capella group in 2011. The main purpose was to help youngsters develop their musical skills and through that, develop themselves. He approached some kids, asked them to join this unofficial group he is forming, and here we are today.


Today, the VocaTikva includes 16 singers, who sing a-capella songs in various repertoires, ranging from pop music to classical music. Throughout the years, Ben worked with the group on their vocal abilities, music hearing, reading musical notes and singing in different tunes.


Since 2011, the VocaTikva worked with singers and artists as Achinoam Nini, Liron Lev and Stenly Sperber. The VocaTikva performs in different occasions, such as private events (weddings, Bar Mitzva etc.), company events and official ceremonies and have recently performed in front of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the President, Reuven Rivlin. Their songs were featured in Israel’s top radio station, Galgaltz, and an article about the group was on the cover of Tel Aviv’s local newspaper. If you wish to book a concert,  please send us a message or call Chen Kraus, VocaTikva’s manager at +972-54-301-2455

The VocaTikva is not just about music.

Most of the group members are from South Tel Aviv; some of them are helped by the welfare department and have very low means. The group gives its members a warm place to be and personal empowerment, believing in equality of opportunities derived from the singer's talents and not due to their socio-economic status. Team composition gives great emphasis on uncompromised music promotion in an academic level. Another important and central goal is to promote a sense of competence and self-confidence and next to it a contribution to the community and educating to a social solidarity through the musical instruments they receive.

The group contains a rich variety of people that produces a unique human mosaic; boys and girls, religious and nonreligious, young and adults—and the music unifies them all. Once a year the group raises up a show, which combines a variety of poems with original link segments. The show is a performance record that shows the work of the Group during the year. Also, it is an educational platform for its members, which allows providing the community with the tools it gained. Proceeds from the show are designed to promote social activism and music culture.

If you wish to learn more about the VocaTikva and book a concert at your private or company event, please send us a message and we will get back to you shortly. You can also call Chen Kraus, VocaTikva’s manager at +972-54-301-2455